Like 4i fans everywhere, watching the girls’ performances last Saturday was the highlight of my week. I was excited, nervous and happy all at the same time. They sang both songs perfectly, beautifully. Sunday came and I was glued to the screen from the start. They were NOT called out and I became nervous. Quickly, I brushed the feeling off and hoped they would be safe from the sing-off. Both 4th Impact and Lauren Murray were great at the sing-off. Like, I wanted them to sing another one together just for the heck of it. Most of those moments were a blur to me but I remember how my heart just stopped after I realized 4th impact is not going to the semi-finals.

Inside my head, I was screaming: Nooooooooooo! Wait, I’m not sure if I just KEPT it inside of my head though.

All the conspiracy theories went through my head:
1. It was Rita Ora’s mean comments fault. Her comments about the ‘box’ props didn’t help the girls at all AND it was bogus! (She has a pic from one of her shows/tour floating around where she was in a ‘box’ prop too. The sing-off comments were as though she’s blatantly saying the girls would not sell any records.

2. It was Louis Walsh’s fault. He shouldn’t have said that the girls should just get back to the Philippines. I mean, it’s clear he doesn’t like Cheryl or Simon or whatever, but to say something like that before the semi-finals? Come on! He should have just kept it to himself. I mean, he could have just said: they are great singers but I really like [insert x factor contestant name here] to win. Wouldn’t that have been better? If he said that, then it would just mean he’s not a fan, but saying the girls should just go home is just discriminating.

3. I could go on about anything at this point but it won’t help my case anyway.

impactFor 4th Impact fans like me, other people saying mean things about the girls are just hurtful. It’s as if they’re saying the girls just wasted their time on X factor UK – which is definitely NOT the case, as every 4i Dreamer would rush to their defense.

After that X-factor show, it’s as if all the energy was sucked out of me. Hearing about Celina fainting again and seeing pictures of her being placed in an ambulance didn’t help at all. I was upset, I wanted to cry. I then ate ice cream, viewed their songs a little more on YouTube and slept.

Anyway, after having a good night’s rest, I calmed myself down. I just told myself God wanted the girls to have a break, get healthy and get ready to see the world! I love you 4th Impact! You’re superstars! Congratulations!