It has been two years since Cyberpinoy Radio last interviewed 4th Impact, then known as The Gollayan Sisters, after they gained the Senior Grand Champion Vocal group of the World Award 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Fast forward 2 years later, the girls Almira, Myleene, Celina and Irene have now catapulted into fandom and is now popularly known worldwide as 4th Impact after wowwing the public from the moment they stepped on stage and with their electrifying performances on the popular talent show X Factor UK.
Last Monday,19th of november 2015 the girls took time off their busy rehearsal schedule to return for a live chat with DJ Brad of Cyberpinoy Radio on the show Nightlight. This is 4th Impact’s first interview on a Filipino online radio since joining X Factor.

When quizzed which X Factor contestants were the strongest contenders in the competition the girls felt everyone stood a chance but spoke to reveal that Che Chesterman, Louisa Johnson and Lauren Murray are the ones to look out for.

The girls also spoke about in the excitement in meeting the girl band Little Mix and the boyband 1D,expressing what a great experience it was.
When asked why they had to come all the way to the UK to audition and take the risk;
Almira said: We did not plan this it just happened that someone left a comment on one of our Youtube videos to audition for X factor.”
In response the girls sent a link to their videos and the rest was history.

When asked if there was any discrimination in the Philippines when it came to talents being promoted and as to why fame and success was hard to come by for the group despite the hard work they put in:

Irene said: “We know as Filipinos what goes on and what the situation is, it is difficult to say, but
for us we continued to do our best, to inspire the youth, to never give up and that dreams will come true in it’s perfect time.Just trust in the Lord.”

4th impact also shared the 4 reasons why they should win this years Xfactor:
Almira:”Deserve po namin manalo kasi naentrust na namin lahat kay Lord. Pag nanalo kami magiging living testimony kami sa mga kabataan na nangangarap,na lahat ng bagay pag pinaghirapan mo ang Panginoon na ang kusang magbibigay sa iyo in it’s perfect time.”
Irene:”For this generation, there are four sisters with one passion, one dream. Each of us can sing and dance and that’s quite unique for us. I feel this would be a reason why we will win this year.
Mylene: “My answer is simple, I think we have the Xfactor!
Selena: “Super hard working kaming magkakapatid. Everytimemay binibigay sa amin na song di kami matutulog at pagpapaguran namin yun. Eto ay mapakita sa mga tao na talagang gustong gusto namin manalo sa contest na ito. We have the hunger and want to win this.”

When further quizzed by Brad why they haven’t made an impact in local Philippine showbiz despite winning numerous competitions 4th Impact went on to reveal that the maybe the lack of ‘beauty’ may be behind it and that the Philippine public do not look at the talent but place impetus on physical appearance.

The girls went on to reveal their ultimate dream of having a world tour and legion of fans to inspire people with their own music to having their own house, a car, a business and to become the female Filipino version of 1 Direction. (referring to the global success of the British boyband and former X factor contestant).

Almira added that they have always been praying non stop, before rehearsals and camera rehearsals: “We really did not expect to be saved in X-Factor for this long, so we could definitely say that the Lord is always beside us. Nothing is impossible.” she adds.
4th Impact is now part of the seven contestants joining the X-Factor concert tour in 2016.

The video link is here for the archived interview.

X Factor UK continues this weekend.