About Us

About Us

Cyberpinoy Radio is an online radio station that connects Filipino’s around the globe through entertainment and music. We’re a source of medium that wants to give those people who are working overseas or away from the Philippines a way to connect with their roots either by way of OPM music, program specific shows or the latest news.

Cyberpinoy Radio was established in 2006 by CEO and founder DJ Dryx, who is based in London, United Kingdom and Cyberpinoy Radio is a branch of Cyberpinoy Media Ltd. which is a registered company in England and Wales. Also Cyberpinoy Radio is a registered Sole Proprietorship in Canada and is headed by co-founder and CFO Beth Malcolm.

CyberPinoy Media Ltd a limited company registered in England & Wales Registration No. 08398923
CyberPinoy Radio a Sole Proprietorship registered in Canada Registration No. 200807311

CyberPinoy Radio is one of the pioneer of internet radio broadcasting. We are the first Pinoy Radio that acquired the iPhone mobile application. Here’s an article from Radio Online Now.

During the past few years, Cyberpinoy Radio has gone down a new avenue and started partnering with concert producers both in United Kingdom and Canada in bringing Filipino celebrity singers to perform locally and have been successful partnerships. To date Cyberpinoy Radio has covered numerous concerts such as Parokya Ni Edgar (both in the UK and in Canada), Jed Madela (Canada), Yeng Constantino, Jovit Baldivino and Marcelito Pomoy (Canada 2011 & 2013), Raymond Lauchengco, Gino Padilla and Joey Albert (Canada), Side A Band and KZ Tandingan (New York), Bamboo (UK), Daniel Padilla and Yeng Constantino (UK), Charice Pempenco (Canada), Eraserheads (UK) Abra, Loonie and Ron Henley (UK) and will be covering the upcoming concert later this summer of The Hotdog Band (Canada).

Cyberpinoy Radio will be expanding its horizon and venturing on a new path producing its first concert in Toronto, Canada of Raymond Lauchengco later this fall which has been one of the station’s goals since it was established in 2006. The station is hoping this will be a successful project and roll it over to more upcoming concerts both in United Kingdom and Canada. The end result being bringing Filipino stars abroad for those Filipino’s who are not able to go back home to the Philippines to see these stars perform live in concert.

Asides from bringing stars from the Philippines abroad, Cyberpinoy Radio has been helping promote local talents respectively in both Canada and UK. This is one of the companies goals in helping Filipino’s get exposure in hopes of being discovered by potential managers. Cyberpinoy has a show they air called “Friday Night Interviews” where their seasoned dj’s go one on one with the special guest. This gives them the exposure, builds their confidence and is critiqued by family and friends so that when that big day comes for them, they are prepared for the spotlight.

We are broadcasting 24/7 worldwide targeting fellow Filipinos worldwide.

Audience statistics

  •  Over 720,000 impressions/month
  • 94% of our audience is Broadband

Listener frequency:

  • 73% tunes in every day
  •  12% tunes in almost everyday
  •  5% tunes in 3‐5 times in a week
  • 4% tunes in once or twice a week
  •  6% tunes in only few times a month


Currently Cyberpinoy Radio has several online dj’s from various countries around the globe that go on air with program specific shows. There are nine shows that focus on different entertainment aspects to share with its vast listenerships around the world. These shows can be found on the station’s website (www.cyberpinoyradio.net) where you can interact with other listeners through a chat room as well as dj’s when they are live.


Most recently Cyberpinoy Radio received its first award from Quality Brand Philippines as “Best Online Radio Station
2013-2014”. www.qualitybrandphilippines.com