There has been a lot of controversies regarding the four Sisters from the Philippines that have the British media stating exaggerated views of their origins and claim to fame.

So, was 4th Impact famous before X factor UK?

What we know: Well, yes and no.


Short version:

  1. They joined a lot of singing competitions. They were previously known as the Cercado Sisters, Gollayan Sisters and MICA.
  2. They were NOT household names in the Philippines before being featured at X Factor UK.
  3. They DID release a self-titled album – Unstoppable: Cercado Sisters. However, this album is actually just a cover album, where they sang songs previously made famous by other Filipino artists.


Let’s expand these points:

The group, was formed in 2001 but they’ve been together forever (haha! See what I did there? Not funny? Okay).  They joined a LOT of singing AND dancing competitions. This is easily explained in the Philippines, but an idea hard to grasp on by non-Pinoys.  These competitions the sisters joined were equivalent to fair events and talent shows, locally called barangay fiestas where a city or a subsection of the city (a barangay), would hold a festival celebrating Christmas or other local holidays.


They also did small gigs – some maybe appropriately called VERY small gigs. They sang in weddings, small parties, and recently I even found a vid of them singing for a funeral. Yes, a funeral. (Links below) These ‘gigs’ are not uncommon in the Philippines. These gigs were used to pay for their school tuition fees and allowance.


It’s true they won talent contests on TV, but they weren’t featured enough to have any lasting buzz. I’m 30 years old and I just learned everything about them this 3 months they’ve been on the airwaves.


I heard there was a group called the Cercado Sisters but I didn’t know what they did before scouring the internet and finding that YouTube video of them – a feature reenactment video of their life (link below).


Sometime ago, I came across a group called the Gollayan Sisters winning big in the WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Arts) (link below). They also won a variety show in the Philippine show called Showtime, but the entertainment side of it is quite different (link below) as this is a variety show. Long story short, the show overpowered their talents.


Regarding their album, they did have this Unstoppable: Cercado Sisters album we see pictures of in Google. However, reading the titles of their supposedly famous record, a Pilipino national would easily recognize that  this album is really just a collection of covers of already famous songs from the Philippines.   Basically, they just did an album of cover songs.


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